Ignite Reiki Retreat

IGNITE Reiki Retreat is a personal spiritual journey of enlightenment and growth for Reiki practitioners. The purpose of this Texas Reiki retreat is to enhance your practice while giving an opportunity to both come together with others and provide time and space for your own personal work as you desire. The retreat is located in Flatonia, Texas – near Austin.

Reiki is a natural form of healing. The word “Reiki” generally means “Universal Life Force Energy.” We give Reiki by channeling the universal life force energy (or pure, universal love), promoting mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing. This holistic method utilizes a hands on–or hands off, as the case may be–technique. 

Just for Today...
I will release my anger.
I will have only healthy concern.
I will be grateful.
I will be honest.
I will be kind to every living thing.
The Reiki Principles

There are many forms of Reiki and countless lineages. Reiki is not connected with any specific spiritual religion or path. Reiki is available to anyone who has an interest in natural and holistic healing. Practitioners cannot use Reiki to harm anyone or anything because it is the essence of pure love. Therefore, while Reiki influences energy, it is also safe to use and safe to receive. 

Our First Reiki Retreat

The theme for our next IGNITE Reiki Retreat is: COMING SOON. We welcome practitioners from all lineages and with any degree of experience as we could all use some self-healing and growth. In addition, we will offer a Reiki I class for anyone without prior experience but seeking to embark on this path of healing and love.

Our next retreat will be on January 12-15, 2024 at Spirit Haven Ranch in Flatonia, Texas. The location for this retreat is off the beaten path, so to speak. It is camp-based so you have the opportunity to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of life. This allows you to focus on connecting with other practitioners, yourself, and your own energy during the retreat. We look forward to Igniting Growth, Nourishment (for your mind, body, and soul), and Inspiration Through Experience!